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Simple Design Exit Door Fire Wooden Door

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  • 100% made by own factory,with 22 years producing experience
  • Size,colour,design can be customed
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  • BS/CE Certificate
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Product Details

The wooden fire door is made of fire-retardant materials which are applied for the door frame,

the skeleton and the panel. The filling material is non-toxic to human body.

Quality fir wood is provided for the wooden fire door after fire-retardant treatment.
They are usually applied in residences and office buildings.

Fire Rating: Level A (>2 hrs), Level B (>1hr) and Level C (>0.5 hr)

Depth of Door Frame: A 105mm+5mm thick fire-resistant board, 

B 98mm, C 45mm Thickness of Door Leaf: A 60mm, B 50mm, C 45mm

Functions: Fireproof, smoke-proof, heat-insulation

-Single doors
-Glazed single doors
-Double doors
-Glazed double doors

Door Frame: Material: Fire-resistant Fir wood

Door Leaf: covered with fire-retardant plywood as requested, such as Sapele,

 Black Walnut, Fraxinus mandshurica, Teak, Camphor, Oak, etc.
Door Filling Material: Perlite board

Surface: polished and spray-painted, customized to match the 

architectural style or buyers' demand

Color paints: treated for several times so that it can polish the surface
Patterns on the veneer can be milled as per requirements. Leaves of double doors and unequal double doors join by a rabbet. Grooves of door frame and rabbets of door leaves are pasted with a fire-resistant seal, which will expand when the temperature rise to 60ºC, filling the gap between leaves and frames so as to prevent from the fire and the smoke.
The wooden fire door is framed by a fire-resistant skeleton and filled with perlite board and fireproof board.

Dimension of fire glass: Level A: 230mm X 680mm X 25mm;

Level B: 230mm X 680mm X 22mm.
Accessories: a handle/mortise lock, a door closer and 5" fire-rated hinges.
Container Capacity:
112 sets/ 20ft container (W1000*H2000*D50)
232 sets/ 40ft container (W1000*H2000*D50)

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