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Since 1998, GungDong Daji Doors Industry Co., Ltd. is leading                                      One-stopt stainless steel fire door Doors and Windows manufacturer in China.DJMI covers an area of 160, 000 square meters, have more than 900 employees. Production 12000 doors and windows per month, export more than 67 countries 500+ building projects.DJMI focus on exit engineering doors and windows manufacturing for 24 years. Owns British standard BS. American standard UL NFPA. European standard CE/EN. Australian standard AS and other sound insulation, fire rated, glazed, water proof, bulletproof and fire certificates.

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Fire door hinges
2022 / - 05 / - 25

The role of fire doors
2022 / - 05 / - 25

What is a fire door?
2022 / - 05 / - 25

Precautions for Steel Fire Door
2022 / - 05 / - 02

There are many types of Steel Fire Doors, including glazed fire doors, stainless Steel Fire Doors, and ordinary Steel Fire Doors, but the installation method is the same and depends on the situation on-site. So what are the precautions for Steel Fire Door? Let's take a look together next. Here is th

How to buy Wood Door
2022 / - 06 / - 22

For every family or commercial property, the door is a unique attraction. But how to choose a suitable door has become a worry for many people. I think it is better to choose Wood Door or Laminated Door if you choose the door, and it is recommended to choose the interior glass door for the toilet. H

Why you should use Wood Door?
2022 / - 06 / - 22

Wood Door refers to the materials used to make wooden doors are natural logs or forest solid woods, most precious woods, such as cherry wood, walnut wood, teak wood, etc. The finished door after processing has the characteristics of non-deformation, corrosion resistance, non-cracking, heat preservat

Why do you need a good school door?
2022 / - 06 / - 19

A lot of people are easy to walk into a mistake: in the door above not willing to spend money, feel that the door this thing is a decoration, no use, is a few boards together, can save on the province, a few hundred dollars to buy a similar line. But the fact is not so, buy a school door must buy a

Why do you need a good school door?
2022 / - 06 / - 19

A lot of people are easy to walk into a mistake: in the door above not willing to spend money, feel that the door this thing is a decoration, no use, is a few boards together, can save on the province, a few hundred dollars to buy a similar line. But the fact is not so, buy a school door must buy a

What solid wood door can you choose?
2022 / - 06 / - 19

Solid wood doors are being used nowadays and are very popular in the markets. There are many kinds of solid wood doors and you may don’t know which kind to choose and how to tell the differences between them. Don’t worry, the following will tell you what you want. Which kind of solid wood door can y

What are the standards and characteristics of hospital doors?
2022 / - 06 / - 13

The types of hospital doors are mainly distinguished by the use of places, general hospitals have ward doors, consultation room doors, radiology room doors, operating room doors, ward door, access doors, bathroom doors, fire access doors, and so on, maternal and child health care institutions are sp

What kind of doors do hospitals use?
2022 / - 06 / - 16

Hospitals are designed to deal with a variety of illnesses and injuries, and they usually include emergency departments, outpatient clinics, and inpatient units. General hospitals are usually the main medical facility in an area, with a large number of beds that can provide intensive care and long-t

What are the classifications of aluminum windows?
2022 / - 06 / - 10

What are the classifications of aluminum windows?Aluminum windows are windows made of aluminum alloy extruded profiles as a frame, stile, and fan material, which are called aluminum alloy windows. According to the material and function of windows and doors, they can be roughly divided into the follo

What are the advantages of the MDF doors?
2022 / - 06 / - 07

The MDF door, which stands for medium-density fiberboard in Chinese, is one of the most promising doors at present. So, what are the advantages of MDF doors? Which is good between the MDF door and solid wood door? Don’t worry, let's take a look. lWhat are the advantages of the MDF doors?lWhich is go

What are the advantages of a Laminated Door?
2022 / - 06 / - 04

Laminated Door has high hardness, good gloss, no deformation, and anti-aging. It is a high-end luxury product. Interior Wood Door is non-toxic, odorless, free of formaldehyde, toluene, no radiation pollution, environmentally friendly and healthy, and is an excellent green product. These two points a

The two main types of apartment doors
2022 / - 06 / - 01

Apartments, or public apartments, are usually divided into commercial apartments and workers' apartments. Regardless of the type of apartment, there are generally two types of apartment doors, one is the laminated door and the other is the composite wood door. Here we will introduce these two types

Two decisive factors for Wood Door
2022 / - 05 / - 29

Consumers can't go to the manufacturer to stare at the production process of Wood Door, but they can evaluate the quality of the product through simple visual inspection methods. Touch the frame, panel, and corners of the door with your hands, requiring no scratching, softness, and fineness; then st

The technical problems encountered by aluminum windows
2022 / - 05 / - 26

The wide aluminum windows and doors with a large opening range make the living room lighter and give more freedom to the space. The unique design of the groundless track makes access without obstacles. The upper pulley is made of high strength and high-quality pulley, which slides freely, silent and

The related introduction of Laminated Door
2022 / - 05 / - 23

Laminated Door, as the name implies, is a door made of two or more main materials. It consists of an inner frame, a door core, and a decorative panel. Various properties, grades, and prices are determined according to the materials and methods of each component. Next, let's take a look at the relate

The installation method and airtightness requirements of Steel Fire Door
2022 / - 04 / - 20

Steel Fire Door refers to the use of steel materials to make the door frame, door leaf frame, and door leaf panel. If the door leaf is filled with materials, it is filled with non-toxic and harmless fire-proof and heat-insulating materials, and equipped with fire-proof hardware accessories. Designat

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