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Focus on exit stainless steel doors and windows manufacturing for 18 years. 

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Since 1998, GungDong Daji Doors Industry Co., Ltd. is leading One-stopt stainless steel fire door Doors and Windows manufacturer in China. 
DJMI covers an area of 160, 000 square meters, have more than 900 employees. Production 12000 doors and windows per month, export more than 67 countries 500+ building projects. 
DJMI focus on exit engineering doors and windows manufacturing for 18 years. Owns British standard BS. American standard UL NFPA. European standard CE/EN. Australian standard AS and other sound insulation, fire rated, glazed, water proof, bulletproof and fire certificates.
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    Leading factory in China Monthly output is 12000 sets Size,Materials,Structure,Color...etc. all customizable 23 Years own professional factory 15 Years export experience Had quality certificates likes ISO9001,UL10c,BS-476,CE,EN...etc.
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    Security: 360 Virtual Tour for factory and Provide production video at any time Strict: Supply color sample and Shop drawing to show details before production Surprised: Free replacement or installation parts, shorter delivery time Supplying...

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We will be faithful, sincere and accountable for your steel fire door & fire wood door product.


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  • 02
  • May
Precautions for Steel Fire Door

There are many types of Steel Fire Doors, including glazed fire doors, stainless Steel Fire Doors, and ordinary Steel Fire Doors, but the installation method is the same and depends on the situation on-site. So what are the precautions for Steel Fire Door? Let's take a look together next. Here is th

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  • 20
  • April
The installation method and airtightness requirements of Steel Fire Door

Steel Fire Door refers to the use of steel materials to make the door frame, door leaf frame, and door leaf panel. If the door leaf is filled with materials, it is filled with non-toxic and harmless fire-proof and heat-insulating materials, and equipped with fire-proof hardware accessories. Designat

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  • 17
  • May
The development prospects and technical parameters of Fire Wood Door

Fire Wood Door

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