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Fire door hinges

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Fire door hinges

Fire door hinges are made of metal with a melting point of not less than 800 degrees Celsius. Fire door hinges must be made of brass, phosphor bronze, steel or stainless steel. Common materials such as aluminum, nylon or "Mazac" are not certified for fire door hinges. When installing or replacing a fire door, you always need to consider the associated fire door hinges, hardware and accessories to complete the package. Fire door hinges work with other elements of the fire door set. The metal used to make them is strong enough to withstand high temperatures and flames without melting, meaning the doors can hold in place and hold up for longer. Fires can start in any part of a home or commercial building. Door Liners Available in a variety of MDF, cork and engineered oak veneer door lining options in different designs, we will provide a solution to meet your needs. View the range of door handles The vital finishing touch to your interior door Interior door handles are often overlooked as a design feature, but they can add the ultimate flourish that elevates any room. In a range of styles, sizes and finishes, we have standard skirting kits that will add the finishing touches to any home interior design. CREATING LIFE It's easy when it comes to creating French door pairs, our pair maker has created an easy rebate for the main door, no need to machine the door. Door hinges are an important part of fire safety. To ensure your interior doors meet fire door regulations, they need to be properly installed by a certified professional with the correct fire door hardware, fire frame and fittings. Fire safety isn't just about the heat resistance of a door: it's also about seals, the condition of fire door hinges, and how fire doors are installed and maintained. Do fire doors need hinges? Appropriate hinges should be installed for each type of interior door. For fire doors, you need special fire door hinges to ensure the door provides an effective fire barrier against heat, smoke and flames. To ensure fire doors comply with fire safety regulations, this actually means installing the complete fire door set: fire doors, fire frames, fire door hinges, expansion seals, lintel beams, door stops and compatible hardware. Fire doors themselves cannot withstand overheating or flames with non-regulated attachments. Standard locks or hinges will melt and smoke can easily pass through frames not specifically designed for fire doors. Fire door groups should also be installed and inspected by trained and certified fire safety professionals. Fire door hinges must be used with fire doors because ordinary door hinges can melt, warp, or break in the heat of a fire. This means that the fire door will drop and move out of the frame, allowing flames or smoke to pass through and increasing the rate at which the fire spreads. Internal fire doors shall be equipped with a minimum of 3 fire door hinges measuring 102mm x 75mm (4" x 3") or a slimmer 102mm x 67mm (4" x 20). When it comes to the type of fire door hinge used, You can choose from retaining pins, washers, ball bearing butts or lift hinges.

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