Judgment criteria and operation method of Fire Wood Door
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Judgment criteria and operation method of Fire Wood Door

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Judgment criteria and operation method of Fire Wood Door

Fire Wood Door refers to the use of wood or wood products to make door frames, door leaf skeletons, and door leaf panels. So what are the judging criteria and operation methods of Fire Wood Door? Let's take a look together next.

Here is the content list:

  1. Judgment criteria for Fire Wood Door

  2. How to operate Fire Wood Door

Judgment criteria for Fire Wood Door

1. Increase the classification according to the function of Fire Wood Door, which is divided into normally open Wooden Fire Door, normally closed fire door, and mobile fire door;

2. Modified the fire resistance classification of Fire Wood Door, from the original classification according to A, B, and C, to this version according to "Insulation Wooden Fire Door (Class A)", "Partially Insulated Fire Door (Class B)" and "Non-insulated Wooden Fire Door (Class C)" classification;

3. The requirements for the materials used for Fire Wood Door are more comprehensive and detailed. For materials other than metal materials, the requirements on the combustion function of materials and the toxicity of the combustion smoke of materials have been increased;

4. Delete the requirements for the wind pressure deformation resistance function, the air penetration resistance function, and the rainwater penetration resistance function of the Fire Wood Door used as the outer door of the building;

5. The functional requirements of the fireproof lock of the Fire Proof Door are more detailed

How to operate Fire Wood Door

Extensively carry out publicity and education on the use, maintenance, and management of fire-fighting facilities within the jurisdiction of the fire department, and strive to improve people's awareness of fire safety and self-protection; conduct extensive publicity and education on fire safety umbrella knowledge for units that have installed Wooden Fire Door maintenance Training, strive to let every employee understand the basic common sense of the use, maintenance and management of fire door repair, consciously participate in the maintenance, management of the door of life, and keep it in a state of combat readiness; post-fire door repair purposes in Fire Wood Door repair, Function and easy-to-use status and basic requirements for use, write in a prominent place in the maintenance of normally closed fire doors: "Normally closed Fire Proof Door maintenance, please close at any time" to let customers and the public understand the basic common sense of Fire Wood Door maintenance; expand to protect fire protection Facilities and equipment publicity activities, mobilize everyone to participate in the protection of fire protection facilities such as fire door maintenance.

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