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Laminated Wood Door

Product Description

1. Material: A-belt reinforced base structure 1.4mm aluminum frame B-door panel and door frame filled with high-quality toothed log (non-construction waste material;Based on Chinese fir and pine, with teeth connected firmly), wood after fumigation and insecticide to dry wood, placed for more than 1 month to reach 12 degrees of dry humidity into the workshop production;C - Multilayer solid wood is used as the substrate, moisture-proof MDF and high-density HDF fiberboard are optional;

2, production: A-sawtooth (not straight) tooth cold glue plywood wood square (not high frequency speed fast but easy to late cracking) more stable;B-hot sol 50T press, wood square grooving melt glue glue pressing plate for 8 hours;C - plate is coated with film to produce scratch-proof touch flower

3, the surface: no paint steel transfer imitation wood veneer (ecological board, fireproof board, anti-multiplier board, PET film veneer) multi-layer solid wood bottom, stable and durable, wear-resistant (other board parts do not have this performance), waterproof, moisture-proof, moth-proof and corrosion prevention

4, a variety of filling: composite optional non-deformation aluminum (ductile stability) wood (tensile strength) keel + aluminum edge + aluminum honeycomb structure (priority), sound insulation cotton (special sound insulation), wooden square framework, paper honeycomb;Fireproof fiberglass cotton is optional (but the corresponding fire detection report cannot be issued, the factory standard report is provided, but whether it can be used depends on the customer)

5, over a thousand colors: door can choose different solid colors or wood grain, can be selected from the color plate (need 50 sets, single factory standard color);Door frame can choose different A box, B box, C box but the color is fixed (200 sets of custom spray color, single factory standard color);In addition, it can be applied to steel frame, stainless steel frame (small amount of factory standard color, optional color of stainless steel, large amount of arbitrary color or wood grain)

6, the default configuration: already wrapped lock (304 stainless steel handle), hinge (child mother);The door is equipped with a protective Angle (humanized anti-cut sheath processing, the export does not require because of different colors temporarily not installed);The aluminum frame connecting plate is equipped with moisture-proof strip (to prevent water from seeping into the wood, and the export does not require it to be installed temporarily because of different colors);Cladding type PU sound insulation strip (paste);The thickness of the door fan is 45mm relative sound insulation and heat preservation;The door frame is made of aluminum and wood for easy DIY installation without any worries

7, non-standard style: baseboard (304 stainless steel), shutter (aluminum alloy), color (a variety of color splice, relatively expensive is not recommended), metal ornaments (aluminum alloy/copper/stainless steel), laser flower pattern (metal), all kinds of glass

Product Characteristics

easy for installation, fashionable  

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