Precautions for Steel Fire Door
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Precautions for Steel Fire Door

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Precautions for Steel Fire Door

There are many types of Steel Fire Doors, including glazed fire doors, stainless Steel Fire Doors, and ordinary Steel Fire Doors, but the installation method is the same and depends on the situation on-site. So what are the precautions for Steel Fire Door? Let's take a look together next.

Here is the content list:

  1. Common installation parameters must be paid attention to

  2. Other matters needing attention

Common installation parameters must be paid attention to

1. The installation of a Steel Fire Door should be following the type of fire door used, and adopt the appropriate installation method.

2. The door frame of the Steel Fire Door can be fixed to the wall with expansion bolts, or the iron parts can be pre-embedded in the opening when the wall is built, and the door frame connector can be welded firmly during installation.

3. Regardless of the connection method between the Steel Fire Door frame and the wall, there should be no less than 3 anchor points on each side, and they should be firmly connected.

4. When installing the fire metal door, you should first find it straight, hang it upright, and temporarily fix it after the size is appropriate, and perform correction and adjustment. The connection and anchoring can be carried out after it is correct.

5. The hollow metal door sliding door is required to be flexible in sliding after installation; the swing door is easy to open and close tightly and firmly.

6. A door closer must be installed on the Steel Fire Door, and a sequencer must be installed on the opposite door.

7. Hardware accessories such as handles and firelocks on the Hollow metal door must be complete;

8. It is required that the gap between the fire metal door and the ground plane should not be greater than 5mm.

Other matters needing attention

The price of the Steel Fire Door is moderate, but it is self-heavy, laborious to open, monotonous in style, and not beautiful enough. Therefore, it is mostly used in industrial buildings and general-grade civil buildings, or parts of buildings that have low aesthetic requirements and a small flow of people; on the contrary, wooden fire doors have lightweight, flexible opening and closing, good decorative appearance, and more patterns, but the price is higher, and they are mostly used in middle and high-end civil buildings or important occasions in construction. Generally, the maximum opening size applicable to each Steel Fire Door is about: 3.3m high, 1.1m wide-single leaf 1.1m, double leaf 3.0m. In the engineering design, besides setting the hollow metal door in strict accordance with the requirements of the specification, the location, width, grade, and opening direction, attention should be paid to:

Steel Fire Doors are generally located on evacuation paths (such as stairwells, antechambers, walkways, etc.). A little carelessness in the detailed design of the building plan may cause the fire metal door to block the evacuation path and reduce its effective width after opening, which violates personnel Basic requirements for evacuation. This phenomenon is particularly prominent at turning points of evacuation routes and in high-rise residential buildings and should be taken seriously and avoided.

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