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Solid wood door

Product Description

1. Real wood door is with draw materials from the natural log of the forest to do door core, through damp disposal, next through next material, plane light, open tenon, piercing, high speed milling the working procedure such as shape is processed scientifically and become.

2. The real wood door is made by rare lumber and become, be like Thailand tooth receives oak, red sandalwood, ash wood, shabili, American oak, walnut, teak, the finished product door after classics processing has not be out of shape, be resistant to corrosion, be without crack and waterproof heat preservation wait for a characteristic.

3.100% solid wood, solid wood frame with high quality adhesive strip, with sound insulation, anti-collision effect

4. The surface is treated with 6 layers of polished and PU paint. Closed paint and semi-open paint can be selected.

5. You can choose the Roman head according to the customer's preference, and also support customization

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