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The Application of Fire Rated Wood Door in The Tracking Industry.

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The Application of Fire Rated Wood Door in The Tracking Industry.

The Application of Fire Rated Wood Door in The Tracking Industry.

1- What Is the Fire Rated Wood Door?

Fire Rated Wood Door refers to the door within a certain period of time, can meet the requirements of fire stability integrity and heat insulation.

2.The Introduction of Fire Rated Wood Door.

a. Materials:

1) The door panels and door frames are filled with wood cut by natural logs (non-construction waste). After fumigation and insecticide, the wood is dried and placed for more than 1 month to reach 12 degrees of dry humidity before entering the workshop for production.

2) The base material is fireproof and moisture-proof plywood.

b. Production: 

1) Serrated (not straight) tooth cold glue plyboard (not high frequency speed but easy to late cracking) more stable.

2) Hot Sol 50T press adhesive press plate for 8 hours.

3) The built-in adhesive pad can effectively prevent the risk of cracking caused by thermal expansion and cold contraction.

c. Fire Rating time: 30 / 60 / 90 / 120 / 180min can be option.

d. Rich collocation: 50x150mm is relatively broad and thick fireproof solid wood frame in the industry, in addition to being equipped with anti-collision and sound insulation tape and equipped with implicit fireproof and heat insulation expansion tape, with moisture-proof black coating on the back (required composite door frame can also be added with fireproof board), and 70x12mm solid wood lines on both sides

e. Can be used in many projects, such as hotels, shopping malls, schools and other venues.

3. The Reason of You Should Use Fire Rated Wood Door:

a. Fire wood door is one of the important fire control facilities required by the national fire department. In a fire, fire wood door can shoulder the role of protecting personnel's life and property and safety, but also can win a lot of time for fire and rescue. It is necessary to set up.

b. High cost performance, can simultaneously meet multiple functions.

c. Thousands of styles to choose from.

4. How To Maintain The Fire Rated Wood Door:

a. Pay attention to indoor ventilation, maintain indoor humidity, make the fire rated wooden door in the normal room temperature and humidity, avoid the door due to humidity or temperature difference is too large and deformation.

b. When cleaning the dust on the fire rated wooden door, you can wipe it with a soft cotton cloth.

c. When using fire wooden door, do not hang overweight article on door leaf or prevent sharp article knock against, scratch, when open or close door leaf, do not use force too fierce or open Angle to pass through big, in order to prevent damage door.

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