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The Application of solid wood in The Tracking Industry.

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The Application of solid wood in The Tracking Industry.

One - What is solid wood door

Solid wood door means that the material of making wood door is natural log or solid wood from forest, and most of them are precious wood, such as cherry wood, walnut wood, teak and so on. The finished door after processing has the characteristics of non-deformation, corrosion resistance, no crack and thermal insulation, and is scientifically processed through drying, cutting, planing, tenoning, drilling, high-speed milling, assembly, polishing, painting and other processes. 

For solid wood door products, more is to understand its basic structure and the use of product types, and so on, to actively play the greatest role of the product material, in the future market, it will play a greater product value and become one of the more durable and stronger products in the future market.


Two - The introduction of solid wood door.

1. The solid wood door is made of natural logs from the forest, treated with moisture, and then scientifically processed by cutting, planing, tenoning, drilling, high-speed milling and other processes. 

2.Solid wood doors are made of valuable wood, such as Thai toothed oak, rosewood, ash wood, Sabiri, American oak, walnut, teak and so on. The processed doors have the characteristics of non-deformation, corrosion resistance, no crack and waterproof heat preservation. 

3.100% solid wood, solid wood frame with high-quality tape, with sound insulation, anti-collision effect

4.Its surface treatment uses 6 layers of polishing and PU paint, can choose closed paint and semi-open paint. 
5. The Roman head can be selected according to the customer's preference, and customization is also supported.

Three - The Reason Of You Should Use solid wood door.

1.     High value. 
The wood used for solid wood doors is mahogany, teak, Chinese fir, pine, walnut, mahogany, and so on. In terms of value, which kind of wood is better, there is no doubt that it is mahogany. Mahogany itself has a high collection value. Many high-end bedroom solid wood doors in the Ming and Qing dynasties were made of it. In addition to mahogany, the wooden doors made of teak and mahogany are also of very good quality, hard and clear. 

2. Beautiful. 
Solid wood has the texture of natural wood, with clear texture, full color and smooth lines, giving people a feeling of being close to nature. The visual effect is very good, high-grade and beautiful. 

3. Excellent performance. 
The solid wood door made of natural wood is stable, not easy to deform and crack, the plate is hard and strong, opaque, sound insulation effect is good, long service life, very suitable for installation in the bedroom, study and so on. 

4. Environmental health. 
The wood made from solid wood doors is selected from natural logs.The contents of formaldehyde and toluene are relatively small. Compared with the composite door, it is more environmentally friendly and healthier. It is an excellent green environmental protection product, more reassuring. 

5. Easy to match. 
Wooden doors are made of different wood with different textures and colors. Users can choose solid wood doors made of different wood according to the overall color of the room. Various decorative styles can be perfectly integrated. It can be said that it is very versatile! Light-colored rooms can choose cold-colored wooden doors, such as white oak, birch and mixed oil, while dark decorative styles are suitable for warm wooden doors, such as teak, Sabiri and walnut. 

6. Art dark brown walnut gives people a sense of dignity and stability, while light brown cherry wood makes people feel warm and comfortable. The surface of the solid wood door can be simply shaped, and the solid wood door is used to decorate the living room, giving people a sense of elegance and elegance, highlighting the taste and connotation of the host. Especially in Chinese and European style, it is widely used.


Four - How to maintain solid wood door

1. Avoid high temperature: the first way to maintain solid wood doors is to avoid high temperatures. If the solid wood door is often in a high temperature environment, then, for a long time, it is easy to let it appear deformation phenomenon, so users in use, but also to avoid high temperature, so as to avoid this phenomenon. 

2. Avoid dampness: the second way to maintain solid wood doors is to avoid dampness. If the bedroom environment is too humid, then, for a long time, it is easy to let the surface of solid wood doors, mildew spots appear. Therefore, when using it, users should also avoid dampness and stay away from water. 

3. Avoid scratches: the third way to maintain solid wood doors is to avoid scratches. If the surface of the solid wood door is scratched by sharp objects, it is difficult to repair it to its original appearance, which will not only destroy the beauty of the space, but also shorten its service life. 

4. Regular cleaning: the fourth way to maintain solid wood doors is to clean them regularly. Generally, for solid wood doors, we can first remove dust with feather dusters, and then wipe them with wrung-dry wet towels. Finally, dry.

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