What kind of doors do hospitals use?
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What kind of doors do hospitals use?

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What kind of doors do hospitals use?

Hospitals are designed to deal with a variety of illnesses and injuries, and they usually include emergency departments, outpatient clinics, and inpatient units. General hospitals are usually the main medical facility in an area, with a large number of beds that can provide intensive care and long-term care for many patients at once. I believe that everyone who has visited a hospital has some degree of understanding of hospitals, although we can often overlook the importance of hospital doors. Below we detail what kind of doors will be used for what kind of areas.

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  1. Wards doors

  2. Hospital doors - medical operating room doors

Wards doors

When choosing ward doors, you need to consider the impact that the surrounding environment has on the ward medical doors. Hospital airtight door body is designed with large flat stainless-steel plate, aluminum-plastic plate, PVC steel plate, or fireproof plate by surface spraying, equipped with sealing strips, in line with the sanitary requirements of hospital use, the door body can have several color options. The ward door into what kind of reasonable, reasonable that is appropriate and beautiful, but also to achieve the use of the requirements, and other items in the room can be harmoniously set off.

Hospital ward door to facilitate the entry and exit of beds, generally will use the size of the mother and child door. And the door will be installed on the glass window, convenient for medical staff to observe the internal situation of the ward at any time to prevent unexpected events. In terms of color, the hospital is concerned with harmony and a sense of comfort. Ward doors, wall guards, floor and wall panels, and other decorative materials such as color uniformity are extremely important to the hospital. Cannot be too bright, generally, in light colors, there are not many other requirements.

Hospital doors - medical operating room doors

Medical door processing process regulations are very strict, in addition to the general door we usually see, but also need to have a lot of other roles, suitable for the protection of the door safety standards are even higher. However, in general, is not an insider's view, it is also an ordinary door, and there is no difference. There are a lot of doors inside the way.

First, the medical door first of all to consider is the role of protection, protection is not only the medical staff protection to the outdoors, but also need to protect its noise, radiation sources, gas flow, etc., which is all the hospital door needs to have the standard. Second, some places of medical doors applied magnetics sense decorative design, such as close non-touch hand magnetic sense, foot magnetic sense, etc., can realize the sliding door fully automatic to complete convenient access. Third, some medical doors also have interconnection functions, secondary magnetic induction function, electric control locking function, etc. Four, because the operating room is mostly a sterile environment, so we must sterilize after each operation to ensure that it is a clean door.

Hospitals are places where sick and unwell patients come and go. Special areas of the hospital have specific designs, including the design of doors. Our company can take into account the services and functions of the hospital and can produce high quality, convenient and practical hospital door. Feel free to contact us by phone.

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