What solid wood door can you choose?
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What solid wood door can you choose?

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What solid wood door can you choose?

Solid wood doors are being used nowadays and are very popular in the markets. There are many kinds of solid wood doors and you may don’t know which kind to choose and how to tell the differences between them. Don’t worry, the following will tell you what you want.

  1. Which kind of solid wood door can you choose?

  2. Why do need you to choose the solid wood door?

Which kind of solid wood door can you choose?

1, Real wood door how to choose and buy, the craft that speaks to door plank and quality problem. We can evaluate the technical quality of products by means of simple appearance inspection. Touch the faceplate of the door with the hand, without scraping feeling, the painted face of the door plank is smooth and exquisite. Basically, rely on these two can know whether the work is qualified.

2, Solid wood door style: The thickness that can see the door when choosing the design, still can knock face gently with hand. If the sound is even and depressing, the criterion shows this door quality is better. The solid wood scale of the general wooden door is higher and this door is heavier.

3,How to buy a solid wood door? If it is a pure solid wood door, the surface of the pattern is irregular. In the past, the door’s surface pattern is smooth and neat, and beautiful, which is often not real wood doors.

Why do need you to choose the solid wood door?

1, The advantage of solid wood door 1: the grain of solid wood door is clear, have very powerful whole feeling and stereo feeling, make the person looks feel more comfortable. Solid wood door whole is by solid wood and become. At present more popular material has catalpa wood.

2, The advantage of solid wood door 2: after the finished solid wood door has no deformation, corrosion resistance, no spell seam, and good heat insulation and other characteristics, is because real wood is composed of completely real wood. So, it has high density, door plank amount heavy, heavy and it is why so the solid wood door has good sound-absorbing properties, can effectively play the role of sound insulation.

3, The advantage of solid wood door 3: the inside and outside materials of the solid wood door are consistent. The advantage of real wood material is generally for the soft warm color tone, is the primary components of lignin and wood, so the real wood door for UV absorption ability is strong, the surface of the wood can form to glamorous fine uneven diffuse, it can effectively reduce the damage to the eyes, relieve eye fatigue.

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