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Wooden Fire Door

Product Description

1.Quality Material: 

A-door leaf and door frame are filled with natural log cutting (non-construction waste). After fumigation and insecticide, wood is dried and placed for more than 1 month to reach 12 degrees of dry humidity before entering the workshop for production;

B - The base material is fireproof and moisture-proof plywood;

C - Natural and non-woven 0.6mm veneer is selected for the surface;

D - Optional MDF or HDF as the substrate, but not as waterproof as plywood

2, Strict production: 

A-Jointed tooth (not straight) tooth cold glue plywood (not high frequency speed is fast but easy to late cracking) more stable;

B - Hot Sol 50T press press to glue the press plate for 8 hours;

C-Vertebrae with built-in rubber pad can more effectively prevent the risk of cracking caused by thermal expansion and contraction;

3, Surface: closed primer is conducive to maintaining the stability of the wooden door plate and internal structure;UV- environmental protection waterborne light coating increases the door's environmental protection closure and strong scratch resistance, four bottom two sides of the total six layers of oil grinding, PU environmental protection finish to make the color more full and texture reflects the rich three-dimensional

4, a variety of filling: fireproof optional fireproof rock (with fireproof board default), solid wood plywood, fireproof glass fiber cotton, composite optional solid wood square particleboard (priority), sound insulation cotton (special sound insulation), wood square framework, paper/aluminum honeycomb, etc

5. Over a thousand colors: thousands of natural and technological veneers can be customized in different colors. Pure colors can be sprayed with PT VAL color

6. Optional Devices:Lock (304 hand stainless steel, zinc alloy or stainless steel magnetic card), hinges, flat open, springs, lash, implicit), door closers, fixed implicit (crestor Angle, external), blocking dust under the sound insulation (aluminum alloy), cat's eye (copper, alloy), the latch lever chain (stainless steel, alloy), door/door touch (stainless steel),For special silencing requirements, add magnetic suction silencing device. For special opening requirements, such as sliding,Pocket,Barn,Invisible are acceptable.

7, Thousands of styles:Skirting board (304 stainless steel), louvers (solid wood, aluminum alloy), carving (carved wood can also be carved out of a nail to the door panel), open (can touch the grain,Steel brush texture effect), archaize (matt do old effect), bread is concave and convex shape, leather coating, cane adornment, metal wire (aluminum/copper/stainless steel), laser flower pattern (solid wood/metal), solid wood bar lines to act the role ofing, pool plate modelling, gong graphics, the wood grain effect, all kinds of glass, non-standard custom power industry first

8, Fire time: fire (30-180min) and UL/BS/EN and other fire detection report, fire LABEL can be affixed

9, Intact standard: 50x150mm relative to the industry is relatively thick fire solid wood frame in addition to equipped with anti-collision sound insulation tape and with hidden fire insulation expansion tape, there are moisture-proof black behind (required composite door frame can also be added with fire board), double-sided 70x12mm solid wood lines

Product Characteristics

Fire proof 0-180min

Various of designs

Sound proof

Data Sheet

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