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  • The Application of solid wood in The Tracking Industry.


    One - What is solid wood door?Solid wood door means that the material of making wood door is natural log or solid wood from forest, and most of them are precious wood, such as cherry wood, walnut wood, teak and so on. The finished door after processing has the characteristics of non-deformation, cor Read More

  • The Reason Of You Should Use Thermal Break Aluminium Windows and Doors


    For every household or commercial property, Windows and doors are the unique attractions. Therefore it’s really important that one does take proper steps for designing and decorating the homes with good windows and doors. Here we have for you a quick view of information on thermal break aluminum win Read More

  • The Application of Fire Rated Wood Door in The Tracking Industry.


    The Application of Fire Rated Wood Door in The Tracking Industry.1- What Is the Fire Rated Wood Door?Fire Rated Wood Door refers to the door within a certain period of time, can meet the requirements of fire stability integrity and heat insulation.2.The Introduction of Fire Rated Wood Door.a. Materi Read More

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